I Caught My Husband In Our Landlady’s Bedroom Sweating

.Divorce Seeking Woman Tells Court – (Photo: Illustration only). –

By Nike Adekunle –

A 38-year-old housewife, Mrs Omolabake Balogun has told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that she caught her husband inside their landlady’s bedroom, eyeonthenews.com reports.

Omolabake accused her husband of 18-years of infidelity.

“I caught my husband hiding behind the door of our landlady bedroom, when I went there to pick my purse that I forgot in the room earlier that day”, she said on Monday, 23 January, 2017.

“Our landlady and I are very close; I enter her flat anytime of the day. On that fateful day, I knocked her door to pick my purse. I could not enter because she had locked the door from behind; so she told me to come back, that she was sleeping.

“I insisted because I needed my purse to pay for what I just bought, so I forced myself inside the room and I saw my husband hiding beside her door wearing only boxer, sweating and panting,” she said.

The petitioner said that since the day she caught her husband inside their landlady’s bedroom, he has been threatening to kill her.

“Since that day, my husband’s behaviour changed; he turned me into a punching bag and always threatening to kill me.

“After beating me, he will pick either a cutlass, a pestle or a knife, threatening to kill me, if I refused to pack out of his house; that he was tired of me and that he had found new love.

“My screaming always attracts our neighbours, who usually come to rescued me. He also called my relatives to come and take me away; that if they did not do so on time, it is my corpse they will meet,” the estranged wife said.

She added that her husband no longer slept on the same bed with her, that he preferred sleeping on the floor or going to their landlady’s room to sleep.

Omolabake added that her husband also transferred the aggression to his children, as he was no longer responsible for their upkeep.

“He stopped paying their school fees and refused to buy them clothes,” she said.

The mother of two said that she does not want to die young and that she was no longer interested in the marriage.

The respondent, Adebayo, 39, a teacher, did not deny the allegation that his wife met him in their neighbour’s bedroom, but said that he went there to collect something.

“My wife saw me in our neighbour’s room, but I only went there to collect something.

“When I got to her room, I was sweating because there was no electricity, that was how I removed my clothes remaining only my boxer”, he said.

He submitted that he only beat Omolabake whenever she erred, adding that she was fond of reporting him to his friends and neighbours anytime they had a misunderstanding.

“My wife always reports me to third parties, which I detest so much that I usually beat her to make her change”, he said.

Adebayo said that he always gives his children food money, bought them new clothes and that he was still paying their school fees.

He appealed to the court not to dissolve the union, saying that he was still interested in the marriage.

The Court President, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, however, adjourned the case till February 15 for continuation of hearing.

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