I Caught My Husband & Female Tenant In Our Bathroom, Woman Tells Court

By Nike Adekunle –

The 18-year-old marriage of a teacher, Mrs Bisi Atolagbe, 40, may be dissolved over husband’s infidelity if an Igando Cutomary Court in Lagos grants her request.
Bisi had told the court that her husband, Kayode, with whom she had three children in their marriage was having an affair with one of their. Female tenants that she caught them bathing together in their bathroom.
“My husband is having an affair, I caught him red-handed bathing naked with one of our tenants in our bathroom.
“I wanted to drag the lady out for people to see but my husband was faster and stronger.
“He dragged me inside his room and locked me inside for his lover to dress up and leave.
“I was suspicion of their relationship when my husband gave all the tenants quit notices except this single woman.
“I came home unannounced when I got a tip-off from one of our tenants that the woman had sneaked into our flat as usual to meet my husband,” she said.
The mother of three said that her husband was after her life to kill, that he once put a charm at her doorstep.
“I sighted my husband around 1:00am dropping something at my door, I quickly rushed out of bed to question him. 
“He said that it was rat poison which I knew was a big lie because we had never seen any rat in the house.
“By the time I got to my door post to see what he dropped, he had picked the thing and ran back to his room.
“If not for God that woke me at that time to see him, I would have been dead by now,”she said.
The petitioner also accused her husband of starving her of sex, saying that he last slept with her in March 2014.
According to her, Kayode could not take any decision of his own except he first consulted with his family.
She begged the court to terminate the marriage, saying that she could no longer cope with him and that she did not love him anymore.
Responding to the claims, Mr Kayode Atolagbe, 47, a clearing agent, denied all the allegations.
He said that he was not having any affair with anybody neither did he dropped any charm on his wife’s door post.
The respondent accused his wife of frequent partying.
“My wife hardly stays at home as she frequently goes from one party to another, both on weekdays and at weekends.
“She cannot do without attending three to four parties a week; sometimes she will go for days without my consent.
“And she will not even bothered about what the children will eat,” Kayode said.
He described his wife as a “fighter and a trouble maker,” saying that she always fight their tenants and even himself in public, to the extent of tearing his clothes.
“Before I built my house, our landlords always eject us from our apartments due to my wife’s frequent fighting with either the landlords’ wives or fellow tenants,”he said.
Kayode said that his wife would strip herself naked to swear on him, and that such curses had affected his life and businesses.
He urged the court to grant his wife’s wish for the dissolution of marriage that he too was no longer interested.
The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case to Feb. 21 for further hearing.

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