Canon Unveils New Compact Cameras With Built In Wifi

Canon has unveiled three compact cameras that capture 20 Megapixel quality pictures as well as movies in HD 720p, with optical zooms that give a closer detail. The slimmest in the range, IXUS 185 and IXUS 190, and the mini-bridge superzoom as well as the PowerShot SX430 IS.

The IXUS 185’s 8x and the IXUS 190’s 10x optical zooms recline back into their bodies, which are so compact they can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag, while ZoomPlus digital doubles the zoom range, perfect for getting those hard to reach shots while still at full resolution.

For really long distant scenes, the PowerShot SX430 IS’s impressive 45x optical zoom puts you at the heart of the action, while the 90x ZoomPlus takes you even closer.

With each press of the shutter, Canon’s Intelligent IS helps to ensure images are crisp, with minimal blur. Eight modes constantly adapt to the scene that’s being captured, from on a tripod to panning whilst shooting a child running, while Dynamic IS supports during movie shooting.

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