Bryan Steals Show At Monday Night Raw

A new future began in WWE on Monday Night Raw, as The Authority was no more, Daniel Bryan was in charge and the WWE Universe was truly calling the plays.

In an emotional goodbye, The Authority reflected on the reasons for their epic loss and admonished the WWE Universe, cautioning them to be careful what they wished for.

The Game ridiculed the fans, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Sting, before promising that their demise would mean the end of WWE.

He also made the profound prediction that, in the end, the people would beg them to come back.
But they were interrupted by John Cena’s selection for the man who would be running Raw for the night: Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan wasted little time in calling out the beaten members of Team Authority to the ring. And his first order of business was to put Seth Rollins’ fate in the hands of the WWE Universe, with a WWE App vote to decide Mr. Money in the Bank’s partners against John Cena & Dolph Ziggler in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match: Mark Henry & Luke Harper, Mark Henry & Kane or Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury.
Bryan and the WWE Universe also changed the job responsibilities of his old friend Director of Operations Corporate Kane, transforming him into “Director of Food and Beverage,” “Concessions Kane.”

United States Champion Rusev would face an “American Ultimatum” — either he would have to put his title on the line in a company-wide Battle Royal or he and Lana would have to recite the Pledge Allegiance in front of an America flag.
In addition, Bryan made two huge singles matches: Luke Harper to battle Dean Ambrose in an Intercontinental Title Match and Mark Henry againsy Ryback, that fight will be at The Big Guy’s request.

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