My Brother-In-Law Raped Me Twice

.Divorce Seeking Wife Tells Igando Court –

Barely after five years of marriage, a 34-year-old businesswoman, Mrs Kafilat Oseni, has approached an Igando Customary Court in a Lagos suburb to dissolve her marriage over abandonment and sexual assault by her brother-in-law.

She said that her husband Usman, abandoned her and the children in Lagos.

“My husband abandoned me for his 27-year-old brother a year ago and relocated to Abuja to marry another woman. I advised my husband to either get an apartment for his brother or relocate the children and I to another house. Or better still, relocate the children and I to Abuja where he stays with his new wife, but he refused”, she narrated to the Court.

The mother of two boys said that her husband’s brother raped her twice.

“My husband’s brother entered my room in the night and was touching my breast, I quickly jumped up from the bed and gave him a slap. He then beat the hell out of me, tore my night gown and raped me.

“He came again another day to make love to me, I refused, but he went inside the kitchen and brought out a knife threatening to stab me if I refused to comply, so, for fear of the unknown, I complied and he raped me again.

“After that second incident, I called my husband and told him what his brother did to me but he did not believe me”, she said.

“Apart from raping me, he beats me up at the slightest provocation. There is nobody in the house to rescue me from his hands because only the two of us are now living in the four-bedroom duplex that my husband built. There was a day he beat me to the point that I was hospitalised,” she told the Court.

The petitioner said that her brother-in-law brings his friend home to sleep.

“My brother-in-law has been bringing his gang to the house to smoke, drink and sleep. I am afraid, he and his friends may gang-rape me one day,” she said

She urged the court to end the loveless marriage that she was no longer interested.

Her husband, Mr Usman Oseni, on the other hand said that he believes his wife has seen another man, ‘that was why she wanted a divorce’.

“My wife must have found another man she wants to marry, that’s the reason she wanted to end our marriage. My brother cannot descend so low to rape my wife, she was just looking for excuses to leave my house,” he said.

The respondent said that his wife doesn’t care and have no respect for his brother, and that was the reason his brother beat her up.

“My brother beat my wife because she cooked his food late and always disrespects him,” he said.

He however consented to the dissolution of the marriage, saying he too was no longer interested.

President of the Court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to July 4 for further hearing.

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