Big Show Dares Randy Orton

.Survivor Series Is Action Spot On 24 November, 2013

The wrestling world is yet to see best of World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. Not even an average Nigerian follower of the sport could say what this hefty wrestler could be up to in a typical fight any day. He fights dirty, yes, Big show is a dangerous fighter and the Authority’s settlement with him may not have cost millions of dollars or control of the company, but it could very well put in jeopardy The Face of WWE.
However, come 24 November, 2013, at the 27th Annual Survivor Series, the big anti-Authority who packs dynamite in his fist will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, a condition of the seven-footer’s very public out-of-court settlement with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.
The championship bout comes after months of Big Show being subjected to humiliating power plays by The Authority.
Fuelled by pent-up rage, the keeper of the KO Punch undoubtedly relishes the opportunity to dismantle Triple H and Stephanie’s chosen one and reclaim the WWE Title in one fell swoop.
WWE’s fall classic has historically been very kind to The World’s Largest Athlete; Big Show, a six-time World Champion, began both of his WWE Title reigns at Survivor Series.
In 1999, he defeated Triple H and The Rock in a Triple Threat Match to claim the WWE Championship for the first time, and three years later, he unseated Brock Lesnar for his second, and most recent, run with sports-entertainment’s most prestigious prize.
Yet, as reluctant as The Authority was to concede to Big Show’s terms, Triple H nonetheless appears confident in WWE’s Apex Predator’s ability to escape Survivor Series with the championship gold around his waist. Despite the controversial manner in which he won his eighth WWE Title, The Viper has looked rejuvenated and more vicious than ever since receiving Triple H’s endorsement months ago.
As the WWE Universe knows all too well, when Orton taps into his dark side, there is hardly a more dangerous Superstar on the roster.
Outside the confines of a sanctioned bout, Big Show has levelled Orton with the KO Punch more than once in recent weeks, and each time, the WWE Champion went down for the count.
Could history repeat itself on 24 November, when the super-heavyweight challenger squares off with the quintessential 21st century Superstar? Or will The Face of WWE prevail against the giant thorn in The Authority’s side and lay to rest any doubt that he deserves to be WWE Champion?
This is what wrestling fans in Nigeria and rest of the world will find out when one of WWE’s most time-honoured traditions; Survivor Series returns to the pay-per-view on that day.

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