Batista: I’m Back To Win Royal Rumble

.As The Shield Shines At Monday Night Raw –

“I’m back for good. I’m desperate to get that stuff (Belt) from Orton, and nobody, yeah! Nobody can stop me from winning the Royal Rumble on Sunday”, that was how Batista roared during Monday Night Raw, as he confronted Randy Orton on his mission for coming back to the WWE.
However, Randy Orton has riled up his enemy, he’s alienated his handlers, and before the first ten minutes of Monday Night Raw had gone by, he’d found himself inside the pit of danger when an old friend came back to say hello.
Indeed, the Champion of Champions’ first moments on the final Raw before the Royal Rumble were hardly his finest: not only did his petulant attitude rub The Authority the wrong way but WWE COO Triple H all but vowed to throw Orton to the wolves once John Cena, likely spoiling for a fight after Orton attacked his father last week – arrived, but Batista’s return added another bulls-eye to The Viper’s back.
Despite Orton’s attempts to play nice when The Animal did make his return, the former WWE Champion made his intentions clear: to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, no matter who held it, and headline WrestleMania 30.
And on top of everything else, Orton was given a match with noted Viper-killer Kofi Kingston later in the evening to help him “make it right.” After a meeting like that, it’s likely he could use the opportunity.
But, the real show to be enjoyed comes up on Sunday, and believes that all wrestling fans across the globe including Nigeria and rest of Africa would be awake to witness the return of Batista; aka ‘The Animal’.
Meanwhile, The Shield – seemingly on shaky terms last Friday during SmackDown, looked as dominant as ever on Raw, mauling Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E Lansgston into defeat in what may be among their finest Six-Man Tag Team showings.
That the bout ended in victory was something of a surprise for The Hounds of Justice, though, because the three champions seemed to have The Shield’s number from the jump-off.

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