Batista Brands WWE Foes ‘Inferior’

In the wake of Elimination Chamber and the Raw return of The Undertaker, SmackDown lit up Friday night as Batista came “unchained,” AJ Lee successfully defended her coveted Divas Title and Daniel Bryan and The Usos defeated a trio of their bitter rivals.
After hearing the boo birds Monday on Raw, Batista came to SmackDown with a very definite purpose, to make sure the WWE Universe knew exactly how he feels about them.
Emerging to a decidedly mixed reaction, The Animal went off, stating that he “did not come back to be liked”, but to become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
The Number 1 contender to Randy Orton’s illustrious title said he will beat anyone who is put in front of him, because he is “everything that Randy Orton is pretending to be and more”.
Calling out other Superstars he deemed inferior, including Daniel Bryan, Batista told the WWE Universe that no one is as good as he is, and that everyone needs to “just deal with it”.
The outspoken Dolph Ziggler interrupted, microphone in hand. After calling Batista “a dinosaur”. The Showoff demanded a match against the newly returned Superstar. When Batista agreed, Ziggler hit The Animal with a dropkick before exiting the ring.
Soon after, on the WWE App, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero made the match official for later in the night! Watch out for what happens next in

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