Base Of Gentlemen Of Agodo Marks 2022 Eid-El Kabir At Alloly Hotel

As the adage says that; ‘All work without play makes Jack a dull boy’…a group of friends known as ‘Base Of Gentlemen Of Agodo’ on Sunday, 17 July, 2022, gathered to enjoy themselves in an Eid-El Kabir dinner celebration.

The slogan of the group; ‘Gentlemen!!! Unity Forever’ rented the air throughout the well attended get-together that day as the Gentlemen dine and wine at Alloly Hotel in Odonla, Ikorodu in Lagos State.

With dance-able music blaring from the speakers, the Gentlemen, ably led by the Chairman Mr. Benson Monsuru, Vice Chairman Mr. Zamani, Secretary Mr. Azeez Ahmad and other officials used the occasion to appreciate some hardworking members, while new members were also welcome at the occasion.

The Managing Editor of Mr. Tunde Oyedele was also recognized at the dinner and appointed an adviser of the Gentlemen by the Chairman of the group Mr. Benson.

“I want to appoint Mr. Tunde Oyedele as an Adviser of the Gentlemen”, Benson said at the event. The Chairman however praised the members for their prompt attendance at the dinner.

Benson expressed his happiness about the well organised get-together and prayed that all members and their families would be alive to witness many Eid-El Kabir celebrations.

Some of the members of the Gentlemen who attended the dinner includes; host of the event Mr. Babalola Ogundare (Alloly), Mr. Elejire, Mr. Daniel, Mr. Gideon, an elder of the group Mr. Idowu Ogunsanya popularly known as Papey, Adetona Azeez, (Az Jnr): Sunday Oduolowu (Cenepa) and the others.

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