Babangida Recalls How Abacha Saved His Life

General Ibrahim Babangida, Retired, has opened up on how General Sani Abacha had saved his life over 25 years ago.

Babangida has always been a major stakeholder in the Nigerian political scene for a very long time, but age is beginning to slow him dowm.

During his 74th birthday, the very influential Babangida sang the praises of late Gen. Abacha. He said he is alive today, because of Abacha.

He was speaking to Journalists on the events that transpired during the foiled coup, of late Major Gideon Orkar on 22 April, 1990.

Babangida, who is also known as the ‘Evil Genius’ among many Nigerians, said “Some officers and men loyal to me insisted and took me out of Dodan Barracks to a safe house, where we met other officers.”

Adding that he was later moved to the house of the late former Head of state, Gen. Sani Abacha.

He said, “May God bless Sani Abacha. Sani Abacha was the Chief of Army staff, he got in touch with me, and we sat down, and we spoke on what we were going to do.”

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