Athletes Can’t Aviod Drugs, Says Johnson

Athletics will never be free of drug cheats and without the Olympics, the sport would be dead, four-time Games champion American Michael Johnson has said.
The US track star pulled no punches as he discussed the future of athletics with British double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes and World, Olympic, European and Commonwealth Champion Jonathan Edwards at Doha Goals Forum.
“Athletics has a zero tolerance policy with drugs and in a way, we have kind of suffered because of that”, said Johnson.
“Since we control it more than most sports, we have more scandals and more people caught.
“Despite that you are never going to have a situation where no-one cheats – athletics is a microcosm of real life and in real life you will always have people who cheat.
“It’s unrealistic to expect athletics to be a drug-free sport. Other sports may have fans that can put up with it but in athletics the fans want to see the Olympians hold true to the Olympic ideal and values”.
Praising the role of sprinter Usain Bolt in raising the level of interest in the sport, Johnson said the sport’s governing body should work with the Jamaican star to help promote athletics.

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