Alebiosu: My Change Agenda For Oyo SWAN

.Up Chair! Mr. Niyi Alebiosu (left) shortly after he emerged as Chairman of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Oyo State Chapter. –

Newly elected Chairman of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Oyo State Chapter, Mr Niyi Alebiosu in this exclusive interview with’s corespondent, Kayode Ayeni speaks about his background, how he ventured into journalism among other issues, excerpts;

Eyeonthenews: Congratulations on the successful election and your victory as the newly elected Oyo SWAN Chairman
Ans:Thank you

We know you are also the Deputy Sports Editor of Nigerian Tribune, kindly let’s know how your upbringing’s like?
I was born and brought up in Ibadan, precisely in Agbo Ile Asa in Agbeni. I had my Primary School education at Agbeni Primary School and later moved to Ansar-ru-deen Primary School in Ososami, Ibadan, before I later proceeded to Community Grammar School in Kudeti for my WASC/O’Level Certificate and I studied for my Advanced Levels at Government College Ibadan.
I had my tertiary education at the Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti (OSUA), now University of Ado Ekiti (UNAD), where I had B.A in Language and my Post Graduate Certificate in Journalism at the IIJ, Ibadan.
As a journalist, I have covered many tournaments, starting with the African Youth Championship (AYC) in 1999, All African Games South Africa 99, Ghana/Nigeria African Cup Of Nations 2000, Umbro 2001 Manchester Englang, Commonwealth Games 2002 in Manchester, England, Nigeria/Japan friendly in Southampton, England 2002, Super Eagles training tour of Bulgaria in 2003, 2008 Paralympics in China and London Paralympics in 2012 to mention but a few.

Let’s talk about the Oyo SWAN Election, what informs your decision to contest for the post of the Chairman?
Basically, I think it is the desire to make changes in our association, I started my Journalism career here in Ibadan and I know how SWAN was back then under the tutelage of Mr. Ade Somefun, Mr. Sam Osayuwa and Uncle Funmi Erinle. Later, I left for Lagos where I spent about fourteen years. So, when I returned to Ibadan, I found out that things were not done the way it should.
I feel that the kind of image being given to Oyo SWAN isn’t palatable compared to what it used to be. I also tried to compare the situation in Ibadan to what happens in other states, so I sat down to figure out the way to bring back the lost glory to Oyo SWAN. That’s where it started, my aim is to repackage and give the association the respect it duly deserves. Also, we need to change the orientation of our members to give the association a good image.

So, you contested for change in a nutshell?
Exactly, you see, when you are not respected again, it means there is something wrong. Sports Writing used to command a lot of respect those days but things are not the same now. Take for instance, if you introduce yourself as a Sport Writer these days, people see you as a beggar. And, having travelled far and wide, and seen the way Sports Writers are well respected in the western world, I just made up my mind to do something urgently to salvage the situation, so why not do what it takes to give Oyo SWAN the good image and respect it deserves.

Alebiosu 2.Alebiosu: Oyo SWAN members believe in my administration. –

Before, during and after the election that brought you in as SWAN Chairman, there were lots of infighting and smear campaigns among members, what steps are you taking to unite all warring factions?
Thank you very much for the question, you are right. Having said that, I must tell you this, that’s politics. There were internal wranglings among members but immediately after the elections, we have been receiving phone calls from all camps declaring their support and readiness to work with me and the new executives of the association.
This is because people want change and they believe in the new executives to bring the required change to the association. One of the most important decisions we have made is that, the Yoruba Sports Presenters who were denied membership by the last regime have been brought back into the fold, and are duly recognized by my administration.
Also, there has been impressive turnout of members at our congress and the few programmes conducted by the new executives.

What’s your main plan for Oyo SWAN?
Firstly, we intend to have what I will call capacity building for our members, that’s re-training for our members, then we intend to improve on the association’s relationship with the cooperate world. Also, we want to improve on the welfare of members by setting up a committee that will generate funds to support members going for international assignments.
This regime is also planning to have a permanent site for the association, hopefully, these will benefit our members. In addition, our administration will encourage Oyo SWAN members to travel outside of the state for assignments, and our plan is to support them financially.

Where do you see Oyo SWAN in about two years?
With the caliber of executives in this administration, I’m expecting Oyo SWAN to rise above where it has been for years, it should be at a very high level.
Already, things are changing and this will continue until the yearnings of our members are met. Oyo Swan will go places and will be duly respected both at home and abroad. We are also planning to have our members in various Sporting Associations in the state.

On a final note, what lessons did you learn from the protracted election before you came in as Chairman?
It gives me the opportunity to see things the other way round, that things are not always the way you see it, it also taught me to be more advanced and accommodating. It taught me to be more matured and that one should have an ability to accept so many things.
Sincerely speaking, all of these will guide me to run the association efficiently with the help of my wonderful members of the executives.

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