Aki Reveals How He Toasted His Wife

Chinedu Ikedezie a.k.a Aki, has been a stable part of Nollywood incredible growth in the last 13 years, bringing laughs and entertainment to Nigerian families all over the nation.

A close friend and Nollywood mate of Osita ‘Pawpaw’ Iheme, Aki reveals the secret behind his love affair. Aki, who started his acting career in 1998, spoke exclusively to TS Weekend. Enjoy the interview:

How did you get into Nollywood?

That was in my first year at IMT in 1998. Before then I was in the Debating & Dramatic Society. However, before I got into school I had acted in one or two movies so when I got into IMT, I approached those already in the know. I was like guys, I want to be like you; I want to be part of this world. I had watched both foreign and local films and seen people doing extra ordinary things and so I said to myself ‘Chinedu, one day it would be your turn to do same.’

Didn’t you experience any discrimination on account of your size?

No, my IQ made up for whatever I was lacking. My first role was that of a seven year-old boy and I delivered and the director and producers were like wow!

How did you meet your friend, Pawpaw, Osita Iheme?

I started acting in 1998. He came into the industry three years later in 2001. I was in school then and we had a job so he had this opportunity to shoot in Enugu. He had just started acting then. We met in the hotel lobby where we were lodged. We talked and I discovered he was a very shy fellow. Before then Amayo Uzor had been telling me that ‘Chinedu, just hang on, there is a boy I have seen that looks just like you and guess what, he is in the industry and I am working on a script for the both of you.’ After our meeting, they called us and gave us scripts; that was the first time I did pure comedy. The movie was entitled Aki Na Ukwa.

Lately unlike in the past, you guys no longer hang out together like you used to. What is happening?

We started doing movies in September 2001 and until 2008 or 2009, we were paired together. I don’t think there is anything bad if we do separate jobs now. I was there three years before him and even when we were pairing, we also did our own personal stuff where we were featured separately. Somebody could come and say I want Aki for this job or I want Pawpaw; we were free to do whatever we wanted.

Tell us about the craziest things female fans have done to you?

I like them and they like me. Yes, they are my friends. I know they love me and so they will not kill me. At worst, they will kiss me and go. I am not dating any of my female fans.

How do you react when they kiss you?

I react in such a way that they feel happy and I go my way. A lot of times they are like ‘we love you, could we have your autograph and I sign.’

Where do you sign?

Where ever they make available. I just sign and I go (laughter).

A while ago you got married? How did you meet your wife?

Just the way every other man meets his wife.

Who made the first move.

I did. Does it really matter?

How did you pop the question?

God will not forgive you if you know you love a girl and she loves you and you know you can make a family. So, what stops you from telling her you love her? What stops you from telling her ‘common baby, let’s do this.’ I just told her baby, lets do this and the rest is history.

Three years after, how many kids do you have now?

In Africa we don’t count kids (laughter).

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