Adamu Plans Tennis Classic For Nigeria Youths

By Ebenezer Osamo –

Nigeria’s highest ranked player on the ATP, Sanni Adamu, has signified his interest in starting up a tennis clinic to discover new players from the grassroots.
The Abuja-based player, who just returned from China where he went to play an International Tennis Federation, ITF Futures tournament, told that it has been a burning desire for him.
Adamu, ranked 1600 in the world, noted that since the top players have begun to fade off and tournaments becoming scarce, he decided to ensure that his passion for the game is transferred to the younger generation.
According to him, “it is an opportunity for us to impact on these young ones with the things we have been able to learn while playing the game of tennis.
“Our leaders have shown us that they are only after their selfish interests and the glaring fact that most of our top players are ageing and need younger ones to take the place of some of us”.
On why he went as far as China to play the Futures tournament, Adamu informed that he just had to keep playing tennis no matter how difficult the terrain is.
He also noted that he went to China to learn some tricks as regards his pet project which other players would be supporting.
“When I was in China, I learnt a lot about tennis. I have a prototype of the company’s design already, I also learnt a few things about the tricks of setting up an Academy or having a tennis clinic,” the vastly travelled Adamu said.
“Alongside players like Henry and others who would be willing to support the project, we shall be starting up with the tennis clinic very soon.
“This is a long-term project which we hope to last for as long as we exist.
“The dream is to build a new foundation for Nigerian tennis. We want to see our tennis soar, we want to see our country fly, we want to see passion for the game at its peak.
“Details of the tennis clinic shall be communicated in no distant future so that everybody would be duly informed as we are expecting maximum participation of everybody,” he added.

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