Accountant In Court To Divorce Cheating Wife

By Nike Adekunle –

Mr David Ajibode, who can no longer tolerate the adultery nature of his wife, has appeared before an Igando Customary Court in Lagos seeking a dissolution to their matrimonial union.

Ajibode, 52, accountant, accused his wife, Shola, of infidelity and excessive alcoholic consumption.

“My wife is a prostitute, she is in the habit of cheating on me, she is having affair with many men, I saw her entered into a hotel with a man hugging and kissing.

“And after two hours they came out of the hotel and entered a car and zoom off. When she got home, I confronted her, told her the colour of her lover’s car, plate number, the name of the hotel, the clothes her lover was wearing and colour, she was surprised.

“She begged me that she will end the relationship with him, she even wrote an undertaking. But few weeks after, I sighted her with another man coming out of Shoprite, hugging themselves.

“There was also a day my friend called me to rush down to a hotel in Surulere that he saw my wife and a man entering the hotel, kissing.

“I told him I cannot come that I have better things to do but I asked him to describe the man. With my friend’s description, I discovered that man was not her lover I first saw with her entering a hotel and he was also not the one I saw her with at shoprite.

“In fact, adultery is in the blood of Shola, she can never change,” the estranged man said. Ajibode said that his wife consumed excessive alcohol.

“Shola is a drunk, she drinks alcohol heavily and she would start misbehaving after and talking jagons,” the petitioner said.

The petitioner said that Shola also colluded with his tenant, a herbalist, to sell his house.

“That day, I saw three people in my compound inspecting the environment. I accosted them and asked them what they were doing in my compound. One of them said he came to show his brothers the house he wanted to buy from my wife,” he said.

He begged the court to dissolve the marriage as he was no longer interested and that he had fallen out of love.

Shola, 33, a food vendor, denied the allegations but accused her husband of infidelity. My husband was the one cheating on me, I once heard his conversation with the lady he impregnate that he would send money for her ante-natal,” she said.

The respondent said that her husband had tried many times to sleep with her own daughter from her first husband.

The mother of three, however, begged the court to save the marriage because she was still in love.

The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the case to February 15 for judgment.

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