Abubakar Recounts Great Season At Dolphins


Dolphins Chief Coach, Hassan Abubakar is happy to have been given the chance to serve at Dolphins for one season.

Abubakar who is currently holidaying at his base in Kaduna says the General Manager, Sports Commissioner, Technical Adviser and players made life  easy for him in his one year at the club.

“I wrote an appreciation letter to the government for the opportunity they gave me to serve them in the last season and I appreciate it.

“It was interesting at Dolphins and I was given all cooperation from stakeholders including the technical crew and I am happy at the way I was supported at Dolphins.

“The fans were also great and they gave us a lot of encouragment especially during matches and the fans are not chaotic too,” Abubakar said.

He added that it was a bit disappointing for him that he could not get a trophy or qualify to play on the continent with the team.

“I believe that right now we have to prepare for next season. I cannot say I was disappointed. It was one of those things. We did our best but we must try harder.”

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