*Ijeh (left) dribbles an opponent during a match in Europe.

The Peter Ijeh Story
Out On Monday
Peter Ijeh is a dangerous striker but not the outspoken type. The professional football star and manager, who has won many laurels, prefers his private lifestyle, and rarely grants interviews. All he says is; “Let my game speak for me”, and indeed, his achievements speak volume of his skills. However, yours truly broke all the barriers to interview Ijeh. The Sweden-based Sociology graduate shared many things that will interest his fans; especially the secret behind his goal scoring prowess.“Getting my first team shirt as a player is a memory to remember and a path of self development… The funniest part is that I did not start my football career as a striker… And, growing up may not seem so exciting when you are actually in the process. But when you look back, even the biggest crisis seems like a fond memory…” 
These are excerpts from The Ijeh,Story to be published in Eye On The Sports; an online Newspaper tomorrow; Monday 2 September, 2013. Keep a date and share the sweet memories with your star.

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