8 Athletes Tested Positive At All Africa Games -WADA

As the sporting world reels from the doping scandal that has rocked Athletics, a World Anti Doping Agency, WADA Independent Observer report has slammed the drug testing controls put in place at the All Africa Games held last September in Congo, casting doubts into performances and hundreds of medals won by athletes.

The report released by WADA last Friday about two months after conclusion of the Pan African games, termed the doping control program ‘chaotic and unorganized” adding that the incomplete results management process had revealed eight adverse analytical findings (positive tests) and 12 atypical findings (possible presence of prohibited substances) after tests conducted at the WADA- accredited laboratory in Paris, France.

The unsettling revelation though is that unidentified athletes who may have won medals may not be known, as there was no doping control forms in the Anti-Doping Administration & Management System, ADAMS, that makes it impossible to know which athlete returned the adverse analytical findings.

This means that the athletes- three weightlifters, two wrestlers and three from track and field may have not been sanctioned and possibly are still competing.

“We are unware of the athlete’ name, whether he/she won a medal. The IO(Independent Observer) team will continue to follow up and we are hopeful that the respective International Federations will also get involved and put pressure on COJA (local organising committee) to share this information,” claimed the report by WADA independent observers.

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