3SC Brand Ekiti United Bad Losers

Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan, General Manager, Rasheed Balogun, has hit back at the management of Ekiti United Football Club of Ado Ekiti by accusing them of being bad losers.
Ekiti United singled out centre referee, Adeyey B.A from Lagos for criticism after awarding two penalty kicks, which led to their team’s 2-0 loss to the Oluyole Warriors last weekend.
While describing Ekiti United as ungracious losers, he noted: “It is unnecessary. ‘If you win be happy, enjoy, but if you lose don’t complain about silly things. You are always hurt when you lose. There is nobody more upset than I when we lose but I have never complained about officiating when we lose away matches,” the former Sunshine Stars team manager reacted.
“Ekiti United are bad losers and they don’t know how to accept defeat, they have won all their home matches in Ekiti and no one complained, 3SC lost so many matches away and we never complained, so I will advice Ekiti United to learn how to accept defeat.”
“The officiating was 50-50 and I wonder why they are crying wolf where there is none. We all saw the match between Chelsea and Sunderland and we saw the type of penalty awarded, while some said it was a genuine penalty and some said it wasn’t a penalty, so Ekiti United should learn what to say after every defeat,” the former Dolphins FC General Coordinator said.

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