26-Year-Old Delta Boy Marries American Grand Ma

Call this another ‘American Wonder’ and you won’t be wrong, as a 26-year-old Nigerian boy, Daniel Okoko from Delta state got married to 63-year-old Catherine Banes from the United States of America.

The woman, old enough to be Okoko’s Grand Ma, reportedly flew into Warri from her base in the U.S last weekend to tie the knot with her husband.

According to a report in Tori, the wedding became an instant talking point in Warri and it has since turned into a National issue, with Nigerians talking about it.

While many online pundits are accusing the guy of being a yahoo boy who is only marrying Catherine to get hold of her life savings, while some say he did it to get America’s Green Card.

Although, some guys genuinely prefer older women, but many people are confused if Okoko’s wedding to Catherine could be true love.

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