2014 World Cup Gone With Its Antics

Hello sports fans round the globe. It’s great to be back with my column after a brief break and this piece is “All about the World Cup”.
Although, the 2014 World Cup is over for now, but let’s remember that it is a feast held every four years, and as you know the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup is held in a different host country.
The World Cup is the major international soccer (football) competition, consisting of the nationally recognized men’s soccer team from each country.
The World Cup has been held in a host country every four years since 1930, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War.
FIFA’s executive committee selects the host country for each FIFA World Cup. The 2018 and 2022 World Cup host countries, Russia and Qatar respectively, were selected by the FIFA executive committee on December 2, 2010.
Note that the World Cup is held in even numbered years that are the interval years of the Summer Olympic Games (although the World Cup now matches the four-year cycle of the Winter Olympic Games).
Also, unlike the Olympic Games, the World Cup is hosted by a country and not a specific city, as is the Olympic Games.

The following is a listing of the FIFA World Cup host countries from 1930 to 2022:

World Cup Host Countries

1930 – Uruguay
1934 – Italy
1938 – France
1942 – Canceled due to World War II
1946 – Canceled due to World War II
1950 – Brazil
1954 – Switzerland
1958 – Sweden
1962 – Chile
1966 – United Kingdom
1970 – Mexico
1974 – West Germany (now Germany)
1978 – Argentina
1982 – Spain
1986 – Mexico
1990 – Italy
1994 – United States
1998 – France
2002 – South Korea and Japan
2006 – Germany
2010 – South Africa
2014 – Brazil
2018 – Russia
2022 – Qatar
Interestingly, the World Cup has been planned till 2022, and the positive thing about this year’s World Cup is that no African team was humiliated as the the host country.
But the African countries should be more structured and organized with a more professional characters.
There was a huge blowout at the World Cup when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semifinals. It got so bad that the refs told Brazil, ‘You know what? Go ahead and use your hands.

Witchcraft and Football!

Don’t comment on the use of witchcraft and football especially in sub-Saharan Africa, did you see various daring paintings in the World Cup? If those antics were not superstition, then an African Country should have won the World Cup.
Witchcraft is a sensitive subject in Africa especially among the more educated people. Publicly witchcraft is often scorned as mere superstition but its use is still very widespread, though such belief fail those who rely on voodoo.
Hence you have football officials trying to stamp out the practice at least at major tournaments.
It’s laughable because that cannot win the World Cup but will only hinder the progress of early preparations of African countries.
This is where I shall stop this one, join me again for another edition, till then, have a nice day and poke in some goals.
Only goals and consistency that make the difference in life.
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Peter Ijeh,
ULc, BSs.

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