LMC Warns NPL Clubs Against Corporate Ambush

*PARTNERSHIP: The COO of LMC, Salihu Abubakar (r) poses with 
Mohamed Jameel, the Group COO of Globacom (m) and LMC boss, Hon.
Nduka Irabor during a contract signing ceremony in May this year.

Glo Premier League Clubs have been reminded that they must obtain the express approval of the League Management Company (LMC) before engaging in any commercial match day ceremonies with parties that have no commercial relationship with the League.   
Eye On The Sports gathered in a press release from Harry Iwuala on Friday, that this directive has been communicated from the Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of LMC, Mallam Salihu Abubakar, which also informed the Clubs that change of match days must be approved by the LMC or the clubs involved will face severe financial sanctions. The statement read, “I am also to let you know that the only commercial interest allowed holding of any activity or ceremony or event however so named within or outside the immediate precincts of match venue are only those with a sanctioned relationship with the League Management Company Limited. For the avoidance of doubt, only Globacom and SuperSport meet those criteria this football season (2012/2013)”.
The LMC said it has taken these steps to secure appropriate value for the commercial assets of the League which is being strategically exploited for the benefit of all stakeholders.
 “We are determined to enhance the valuation of all aspects of commercial windows of opportunities available to the League and its members. As a result, we will impose heavy financial and sporting sanctions on any club, visiting or hosting and their FAs should they allow any interest that seeks to undermine the commonwealth potentials of the League by whatever design or guise”, Abubakar declared.
It said existing relationships between some clubs and other parties are being reviewed to streamline future contracts that will protect the commonwealth of the League and the participating Clubs.

 According to the League COO, “We are protecting the commonwealth of the League and its participating clubs by not allowing what smacks of ambush marketing to threaten the real valuation of all sponsorship opportunities available to the clubs as single entities and as a collective represented by the League Management Company”.

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