World Covid-19 Cases Hit 8.7 Million

.Africa Records 7,600 Deaths –

According to the latest figures published by Johns Hopkins University, 8,753,853 cases have been detected worldwide, with 462,088 deaths and 4,333,688 people have recovered.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus cases in African hace exceeded 295,000 cases as the death toll has surpassed 7,600.

South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana have been the three worst affected countries on the continent (see figures below).

South Africa is leading with 92,681 cases and 1,877 deaths.

In Nigeria, there are 19,147 cases with 487 deaths, while Ghana has recorded 13,203 cases with 70 deaths.

Lesotho remains the country with the least cases, with just four confirned to date, followed by Seychelles with 11 and The Namibia with 36.

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