My Wife Was Caught Having Sex With Her Boss, Says Kolawole

.Sadly, Her Boss’ Wife Stormed My House With Her Underwear She Seized…
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For allegedly sleeping with her boss, Mr Kolawole Oyediran, has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, to end his 15-year-old marriage with his wife, Tobi, over infidelity.

He said that his wife, Tobi, with whom he had three children was adulterous.

“I got to know when her boss’ wife stormed my house with her underwears she seized when she caught my wife and her husband making love on their matrimonial bed.

“When I confronted her she confessed that she needed to save her job because she heard rumours of retrenchment looming in their office.

“She wept and cried, begged me to forgive her which I did. Her infidelity didn’t stop there, after having sex with her boss, she was continued cheating on me, she was also dating my cousin.

“I saw my wife’s nude pictures on my cousin’s phone when he forgot it in my house. I was just checking his photo gallery when I saw her naked photo there,” the estranged man told the Court.

The 40-year-old businessman described his wife as a fetish fellow.

“There is no herbalist my wife does not know, I fear for my life, I see all sorts of charms with her, what she does with them I don’t know.

“She always sprinkle fowl blood in my compound and I don’t know what she wants to achieve with that action,”he said.

The petitioner said that his wife was threatening to kill him.

“Tobi hired assassins to kill me, but they failed, when she was confronted she said she only wanted them to beat me in order to teach me a lesson.

The petitioner said that his wife also invited armed robbers to rob him.

“Tobi invited robbers to attack me when I just returned with goods from Dubai, properties of about N15million worth of jewellery and other goods were stolen then.

“One of the jewellery that was stolen was later found on Tobi’s mother neck few months after the robbery,” he said.

He begged the court to dissolve the 15-year-old marriage that his life is at risk and that he was no longer in love.

However, Tobi, denied the allegations. She said that the actions of her husband attracted the armed robbers to their house.

“I don’t know anything about the robbery, my husband is fond of talking loud on the phone about large sums of money outside; this must have attracted the robbers,” she said.

The mother of three said she does not know anything about the alleged assassination plot that her hands were clean.

“How will I send assassins to kill the father of my children? What do I stand to gain,” she said.

The respondent said that she was not fetish that she was a dedicated muslim.

“I used to see blood sprinkling in our compound but I am not responsible, I believe in God,” she said.

The 38-year-old woman said that she was neither having an affair with her boss nor her husband’s cousin.

She however urged the court to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage that she too was no longer interested in the marriage.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the estranged couple adjourned the case to June 27 for further hearing.

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