Used Condom In Our Bedroom? Oh! Common, My Wife Is Cheating On Me


.Divorce-Seeking Man Tells Nigeria Court –

By Nike Adekunle –

“I saw a used condom in our bedroom and I didn’t use it with my wife. That means my wife is cheating on me and she has to go”, that was how a 40-year-old teacher, Mr Yomi Ajagun, narrated his ordeal to an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, explaining why he must divorce his wife.

The petitioner said that his wife, Serah, of seven years marriage was promiscuous.

“On that day, I scratched an airtime card and mistakenly dropped it inside the trash can in our room without loading it. When I remembered, I went to search for it, and, in the process, I saw a used condom.

“When I asked my wife how it got into our bedroom, she claimed ignorant of it.

“There was another day I saw a man’s wrist watch on my wardrobe, she still claimed she does not know how it entered the room.

“We are the only one living in my compound, that has a fence and gates, my children are between aged two and four.

“I still don’t understand how a used condom and a man’s wrist watch would fly into our room and my wife will deny how the items got in there.

“Though, I have not caught her red-handed with a man but I strongly believe she is having an extra marital affair. She is so secrecy to the extent that she hide her phone from me,” he said.

He also said that his wife threatened to crumble him financially.

“My wife, on several occasions, said she was going to tell my boss that I was stealing his money, that I have built houses in the village and in Lagos,” he said.

He described Serah as a thief who always steal his money.

“If I keep my money in my pocket, the following day I will not see the money again and it is only the two of us that share the room, ” he said.

He begged the Court to terminate their marriage that the love he once had for his wife had faded.

Rebutting the allegations, Serah said that she was not adulterous.

“I am not promiscuous, I don’t know how those items got into our bedroom, ” said said.

The respondent said that her husband had turned her into a punching bag.

“Yomi had turned me into a punching bag. he fights me always because I usually tell him that I don’t want to get pregnant again that I am satisfied with two children.

“But he will descend on me through beating and he is fond of raping me whenever I deny him sex”, she said.

The 38-year-old trader said she never threatened to crumbled her husband financially.

She however urged the Court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of the marriage, explaining that she was still in love with him.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, told the couple to maintain peace, and adjourned the case to September 28 for further hearing.

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