My Take On Eagles & CHAN Exit

Hello sports fans round the globe, I’m back with another edition of my column this week which is on My Take On The Super Eagles And CHAN Exit.

Soccer is a game that is determined by three outcomes; Win, Draw or Loss.

But, before any of these results can be achieved, there’s often an amount of time put in preparation and team building; which brings out the best in a winning team and team dynamics.

Interestingly, both the losing and winning teams may spend the same time of preparation, but what each team does with its time in practices makes the difference, hence they get a deserved result.

However, the earlier we start to believe that “There is no competition in destiny; Run your race and wish others well”, the better the race and the better the outcome.

No one wakes up in the morning and plan to lose. Everyone, including coaches often strategies a plan to win but such strategies may not be equipped enough for a win.

Also, not undermining the fact that self distraction is self obsession, whatever activity is carried out in a game such as soccer, it is good to evolve strategy.

Because with this plan, it enables you to have a range and helps evaluates your input to monitor your progress and reaching your goal.

The hope of every coach is never to run a race against time.

The Jose Mourinho, the Special One is a household name in the soccer industry, yet he’s still taking his time to see which team is best to handle.

Talking about what happened to Nigeria’s home-based Super Eagles and Chief Coach Sunday Oliseh at the just concluded CAF African Nations Championship, CHAN, I think a lot of things contributed to Nigeria’s poor outing at the tournament.

Apart from team selection and preparations, there were unresolved issues of players’ welfare and allowances, coupled with Oliseh’s outbursts after the team was ousted.

The headlines and banters that greeted Oliseh’s insanity video outburst is overrated.

I will say here that the paradox of the definition of insanity really means ‘for people or a country to keep doing one thing over and over again without clear cut plans and expecting positive results’.

Until our people learn from past mistakes and correct such in the current dispensation, it’s going to be difficult for Nigerian teams to break even in international football.

Let me stop this edition here, stay with to enjoy more from me.

Coach Peter Ijeh,
UEFA Grade A Coach,
(BSC) Sweden.

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