Sports: Catalyst For Development

Hello sports fans round the globe.
I’m back with this special piece in my column this week. It’s titled; Sports as catalyst for development.

Many of the core values inherent in sports are compatible with the principles necessary for development and peace, such as fair play, co-operation, sharing and respect.

The skills learned through sports help empower individuals and enhance psycho-social well-being, such as increased resilience, self-esteem and connections with the others.

Interestingly, the features of sports are beneficial to people of all ages, but are especially vital to the healthy development of young people.

Sports, however, is a reflection of the society. It should be acknowledged that sports, like many aspects of the society, simultaneously encompasses some of the worst human traits.

These includes violence, corruption, discrimination, hooliganism, excessive nationalism, cheating and drug abuse.

However, the negative aspect of sports by no means outweigh its potential positive benefits. Whatever happens, the custodians of sports in Nigeria and Africa must have the ability to help governments and communities harness the positive aspects of sports and channel them in coordinated ways.

Development in sports is achievable as a sustainable human development, which recognizes that development is more than economic growth.

Development is a process of enlarging people’s choices and increasing the opportunities available to all members of society.

Based on the principles of inclusion, equity and sustainability, emphasis is on the importance of increasing opportunities for the current generation as well as generations to come.

In so doing the government is creating jobs for sports lovers. The past made us who we are, so don’t make it a burden in the new dispensation of youths. Get the youths engaged today by creating jobs through sports, this will make things better for all and sundry.

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