Man Shocked To See Wife’s Nude Photos On Driver’s Phone

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.Urges Court To Dissolve Marriage –

Tired of his wife’s adulterous life, a 46-year-old businessman, Mr Segun Arowojobe, has approached an Igando Customary Court at a Lagos suburb, asking for the dissolution of their 10 -year-old marriage.

Arowojobe told the Court that his wife started misbehaving and became promiscuous when his business was no longer booming.

“There was a day a phone engineer came to drop my driver’s phone but didn’t meet him, so he gave me the phone to give to him.

“As I started scrolling, suddenly I saw my wife naked pictures in my driver’s phone. I then forwarded those nude pictures to my phone.

“When my driver returned from the errand I sent him. I showed him those pictures, he was surprised and since that day he has  refused to come to work.

“When my wife came home, I also showed her the pictures and she moved out of the house leaving the children behind.

“When I could not take care of the children properly and I don’t want a broken home I urged her to come back.

“She returned only to start engaging in adultery again; I have caught her on several occasions,” the estranged man said.

The petitioner said that his wife goes out and do not return home until the following day.

“Most time, she takes extra clothes in her bag when going out in the morning to her shop and will not come home to sleep,” he said.

He said that on three different occasions, he moved out of his house due to threats to his life.

“Whenever we have any misunderstanding, she always threatens to kill me. The stress is unbearable; there is no longer peace of mind in this loveless marriage,” he said.

He urged the Court to dissolve the marriage as he was no longer in love with his wife.

“Please, I can no longer tolerate this loveless marriage, I have tolerated her enough,” he said.

However, Rukayat said that she mistaken sent her nude pictures to her husband’s driver.

“I was not promiscuous, the pictures my husband saw on his driver’s phone were sent to him in error,” she said.

She also accused her husband of threat to her life.

“Segun is fond of strangling my neck whenever we are fighting and threatens to kill me, he even said he would dispose of my corpse without anybody knowing,” she said.

She said that her husband turned her into a punching bag.

“He beats me at will and does not allow me to go out, neither did he allow my family to visit me, it was as if I was in prison while in his house,” she said.

She, therefore, urged the Court to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of marriage.

“I am also fed up with the marriage because there is no love between us,” the mother of two said.

The Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case to November 2 for judgment. 

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