Lotto Agents Set To Clash With Western Lotto Over Commission

The desperate attempt by billionaire businessman-cum- politician, Sen Buruji Kashamu, to take over control of the Lotto industry in Nigeria is threatening to bring him into direct conflict with lotto agents.

In his published comments and interviews, Senator Kashamu who is the chairman of Western Lotto had, among other things, claimed that the Lotto agents (and their sub-agents) were being over-compensated.

According to a report by TheNews, Buruji argued that one of the ways in which government could make more money was to reduce the Lotto agents’ commission to 20 per cent, (presently it is higher than 20 per cent).

It was further gathered that this has not gone down well with agents who have been following Western Lotto’s campaign to take over control of the Ghana games in Nigeria.

To worsen matters, the agents got wind of an attempt by the regulatory commission to secretly sign a deal with Western Lotto and that this 20 per cent proposal was one of the terms of the settlement.

This has not gone down well with them and they have sent a protest letter to the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission, NLRC, to that effect arguing that; ”we are the ones staying in the sun and in the rain every day.”

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